Betco Deep Blue RTU Glass Cleaner

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Not only does Betco Deep Blue quickly penetrate dust, smoke, grease, and grime on all glass and window surfaces, but it is also excellent for cleaning stainless steel, Formica, plastic, porcelain, and chrome. Betco Deep Blue is fortified with ammonia and several grease-cutting surfactants and solvents for extra cleaning power. Clean with a squeegee or cloth to leave all surfaces film free and squeaky clean.

The non-streaking and non-smearing formula is great for most hard surfaces. Surfaces stay clearer longer, which means you’ll spend less time and less product to get surfaces clean—a huge money-saver

Easy Mix Glass Cleaner is a concentrated, heavy duty glass cleaner for use on windows, mirrors, showcases, vitreous or chrome surfaces, and stainless steel. Easy Mix Glass Cleaner does a superb job of quickly removing road film, oily soil, dirt, and soot from all hard surfaces and will not spot, streak, or leave a hazy film. It is more economical on a cost per gallon of ready to use cleaner basis than less concentrated products

Multi-Surface Cleaner
• Green Seal Certifiedª – Environmentally Responsible
• Fast-Acting – Cuts through Film Quickly
• Non-Streaking
• Reflective Glass Safe

Fast acting no streak glass cleaner for routine multi-surface cleaning. Powerful solvents and surfactants cut through film quickly. Use on glass, plexiglass, metal and other hard surfaces. Reflective glass safe.