10 qt Backpack Vacuum Paper Bag, 10 Pack

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10 QT. Comfort Vac Paper Bag Open Collar

  • 10 bags per package

EnviroCare Technologies Dust Bags Designed to fit Kenmore 5055

  • 3 dust bags per package

EnviroCare Technologies Micro Filtration Vacuum Bags

  • Traps microscopic particles and allergens
  • Designed to fit Kenmore Canister Type C 5055, 50557 and 50558 and Panasonic Type C-5
  • 3 Bags per package

Clean Air H-10 Hepa Material (5 layer filtration) captures over 99% of all household Debris stronger & sturdier than regular vacuum bags Allergy Sufferer’s Best Friend.

Paper Vacuum Bag Comfort Vac 10QT Closed Collar

  • 10 bags per pack