16″ Brush Strip

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The best broom for sweeping your home. This 12″ broom is the household size Sweepa Rubber Broom. We also carry rubber brooms in two larger sizes. The bigger ones will be a bit more rugged, and also offer more bristles that are longer, so for certain preferences or usage patterns, the larger tools may be a better choice. To see more information on the other sizes we sell, follow these links: 13″ Commercial Rubber Broom & 18″ Outdoor Rubber Broom. All three are made from the same materials, and carry the same brand, so it will mostly come down to size requirements as to which you may prefer. The larger heads feature a wider and thicker form factor as well as a slightly thicker thread where it attaches to the pole. All of them have heads made from nearly indestructible rubber, and they all come complete with sturdy steel handles that telescope for adjustment in length. Buy just one, or order more for an even better price. If you already have a pole, or prefer a different style, then you can also just get the broom head by itself to save money.

This brush offers solutions to a wide range of cleaning situations. For jobs requiring delivery of aggressive action, this tackles hard, general scrubbing and strips finishes from hard surfaces, too. It effectively cleans wide grout lines. Please note: All grit brushes must be run in a wet environment. Brush has a 5-inch center hole.

Plastic Brush/Broom

  • 18 inch black poly brush
  • Made of 100% pumice stone
  • Works best with water, oil, or mild acid
  • Gentle abrasive cleaning
  • Cuts through rust, mineral deposits, paint, and more

Utility Brush

  • Cleans stains out of sinks