8 Foot Extension Pole

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Tapered Wood Handle                                                                       
  • Tapered point
  • Length: 60 inches
  • Diameter: 1 1/8 inches
  • Strong and durable wood
  • Threaded metal tip
  • 60-inch handle
  • 15/16″ diameter
  • Lacquered wood


From its long 32″ reach to its magnetic-tipped claw, the NiftyNabber makes picking up refuse both indoors and outside easy, convenient, and hygienic.This tool features a comfortable, ergonomic grip and smooth trigger pull action. The gear-driven claw grabs and holds onto even the smallest items. Plus, it also has magnetic tips that securely hold onto aluminum cans and other metallic refuse. This secure grip makes trash pickup faster and more efficient.The head of the NiftyNabber rotates a full 360° for complete flexibility and control when accessing hard-to-reach areas or items.The aluminum shaft of the NiftyNabber is exceptionally lightweight, which helps to reduce fatigue when using the tool overhead or for extended periods of time.