Advantage® Softness® Facial Tissue/ Cs

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Heavenly Soft® Paper towel roll features proprietary embossing pattern, sold as 8 rolls per case.Heavenly Soft® Paper towel roll is soft, strong and absorbent. 2-Ply Paper towel is made of fiber and is easy for everyday cleaning, sold as 8 rolls per case.
  • White perforated 11″ x 8″ sheets
  • 85 sheets per roll
  • 8 rolls per case
  • 2-ply
  • Reliable towels for everyday cleaning
  • Proprietary embossing pattern makes these towels soft, strong and absorbent
  • Made from 100% certified sustainable virgin fiber

Item: kc – 04460                           Size 4.1″x 4.0″      Desc. 605 shts             2-ply   Pack: 80 cs

Item: kc-05102                             Size: 4.1 x 3.75      Desc. 1210 shts           1-ply     Pack:80 cs