Ettore® Golden Glove™ Replacement Covers – 14″

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  • You can dust delicate collectables, computer keyboards and other delicate items
  • Holds the dust with static you can build by rubbing on a static prone fabric or cloth (see below)
  • The long duster gets those hard-to-reach places like ceiling fans and ceiling cob webs
  • Can be washed with mild detergent and hung up to air dry
  • For one of the pieces, adjustable extendable handle goes from 30 up to 42 inches in length

Red-Out W-6 Prop is a reagent for the removal of stubborn color spots that may yield to prolonged treatments where bleaches cannot be used. Red-Out W-6 Prop is a dye solvent on the wet side and is effective on: color residues, dyes of various kinds, ink residues, wine spots, colored medicines, etc. pH of use dilution is 6.0-7.0.