Terra Green Blue Glass Cleaner/CS

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Multi-Surface Cleaner
• Green Seal Certifiedª – Environmentally Responsible
• Fast-Acting – Cuts through Film Quickly
• Non-Streaking
• Reflective Glass Safe

Fast acting no streak glass cleaner for routine multi-surface cleaning. Powerful solvents and surfactants cut through film quickly. Use on glass, plexiglass, metal and other hard surfaces. Reflective glass safe.

A highly effective, yet gentle, synthetic detergent concentrate, formulated for use in professional floor care programs on all types of flooring surfaces including resilient tile, ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, synthetic gym flooring, sealed wood, cork, and as a general purpose cleaner. Strong enough to remove stubborn soil, it will not degrade or dull existing floor finishes. Chelating and sequestering agents neutralize and suspend troublesome salt and ice melters. Routine use will reduce the necessity of stripping and recoating by removing abrasive dirt, and acidic or alkaline residues which can attack floor coatings. When used to clean surfaces prior to recoating, with resilient tile or water-based wood floor finishes, Tops Synthetic Neutral Cleaner reduces surface tension and neutralizes floor surfaces, allowing for better finish performance by assuring the floor meets acceptable pH parameters. This product also delivers superior performance as a general purpose cleaner for wall tiles, porcelain, plastics, chromium, and stainless steel. This cleaner is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable.