Best results are obtained when the finish is applied to floor surfaces that are 60
F. or warmer.
• Remove old finish with #118 Eliminator.
• Vacuum or mop up the stripping solution. If an alkaline stripper was used, rinse the floor thoroughly using 1
ounce of #127 Tops or Easy Mix 1005 Neutral Cleaner per gallon of clean water (1:128).
• To obtain an acceptable level of build when used as a base for applying floor finish, a minimum of 2 coats
is recommended. When used as a finish on hard surfaces, a minimum of three coats is recommended.
Optimum appearance and gloss will be obtained by applying 4-6 coats, depending on the porosity and type
of flooring.


• Apply thin even coats allowing Landmark to dry, depending on humidity and temperature, for approximately
30- 45 minutes between coats. Increased humidity or temperatures may require additional drying time.
• To recoat, wash the floor with #127 Tops Neutral Cleaner, or #129 Super Blue for heavier soil conditions, and
allow it to dry.
• Apply thin even coats, allowing the finish to dry for approximately 30-45 minutes between coats.
• For daily maintenance, sweep and/or dry mop.
• Daily damp mop floors with Tops or Easy Mix 1


Product Description

Landmark’s urethane-modified acrylic polymer combination forms a tough, restorative, semi-permanent sealer for resilient tile floors, or a sealer/finish for hard surfaces like terrazzo, marble, granite, ceramic tile, Mexican tile, and even concrete. Landmark is not normally removed by routine stripping procedures making it ideal for maintenance professionals who wish to retain a sealer base coat even after successive floor finish stripping and recoating procedures. When used on hard flooring surfaces it forms a tough, durable, high gloss coating which may be left as is, or coated with any one of Perma’s high quality floor finishes for easy maintenance. Landmark may be removed by using a 1:1 dilution of Perma #118 Eliminator Stripper and scrubbing with a stripping pad

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